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09 Jun 2016

ART IS A NEED. Do you not think so?


Since far-off times, human beings have needed to beautify or decorate their surroundings. For many scholars, cave painting represented a clear need to integrate art into the everyday life of prehistoric man. Subsequently, in Ancient Rome, archaeological vestiges indicated that it was habitual to decorate the walls of the main houses and palaces, such as those of Pompey. By the early 16th Century, petitions of Pope Julius II to the artists were frequent while the decoration of the vault of the Sistine Chapel by Michael Angelo was one of his most famous commissions.

peggy_guggenheim_y_jackson_pollock_delante_del_mural_que_pinto_el_artista_para_ella_6823_640x840In our time, other important commissions changed the history of art forever and another form of perceiving decoration was established. A case in point is the work “Mural” painted by Jackson Pollock in response to a commission from the gallerist and collector Peggy Guggenheim, who wanted a work for her residence in New York. And more recently, the Russian tycoon, Abramovich, decided to buy the Giacometti’s “Woman of Venice” as a Saint Valentine’s gift for his girlfriend.

These facts corroborate the close relationship between human beings and art, from its origins to contemporary times. So much so that, according to the specialist press, the art market leads positions in economic indexes pointing to a turnover of 58 billion euros in 2015. These studies indicate the growing need for the purchase of objects and artworks, a world tendency that moves for different reasons such as decoration, collecting or gifts.
It is not always easy to buy art. Emotional factors are generally the main reasons for acquiring an art piece. This is why a correct consulting process marks the difference. Mecenas 2.0 is committed to innovation, offering an integrated consulting service to meet the different needs.
Mecenas 2.0 is aimed at persons who have a space into which they wish to incorporate an artwork, but they do not have the know-how to execute these changes. Mecenas 2.0 provides a consulting service through the study of one or several images of the room that is to house the artwork.

asesoramiento decoración

Consulting service for your home

In this case, the person concerned should send to the website of Mecenas 2.0 a few photos that show the house, office or other architectonic space where the changes need to be made. At no cost, Mecenas 2.0 will send you some simulations where the space with the artwork can be seen. If you should require more complex assessment, Mecenas 2.0 places at your disposal a team of architects-interior designers who will be able to study the project with cost-estimate since it is a more extensive study.

asesoramiento habitación infantil

Consulting service for children’s room

We can also give advice to those who want to give a gift of art. A painting, sculpture or engraving may be, for example, the gift that best meets the needs of the person receiving it. In a few minutes you can do a test on the Mecenas 20 website to obtain advice about the best option for giving a gift. For this, you need to know the preferred artistic technique, the style and the measurements of the gift in question.

And if the purchase is intended for collecting, Mecenas 2.0 offers a series of rising as well as consolidated artists. The task of consulting for collectors consists in finding on the network of Mecenas 2.0 galleries the artwork that buyers are looking for according to the criteria they have selected on the same website, namely by artist, by technique, by measurement, and so forth. With the advice of different gallery experts, Mecenas 2.0 will help you to find the piece that any collection might need, no matter how modest it might be. In this case, the consulting does not require a purchase commitment between the website visitor and the galleries comprising Mecenas 2.0.

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